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Melanie Geoghagan - Shreveport

" My name is Melanie.  I graduated from Louisiana Institute of Massage Therapy in Feb. 2008.  I was licensed within a few months of graduation.  I have wanted to be a massage therapist for years.  When I was finally able to go to massage school, I did many months of research before committing to a program.  When I began my research I kept coming across LIMT, and Susan Salvo.  It didn't take long for me to realize that I really had an easy decision.  I decided to get my education straight from the school that is owned by the author of the text book that a lot of other massage schools use as part of their curriculum. 

It was very apparent in the first weekend of school that I made the right choice.  LIMT offers a top-notch program with a wide variety of wonderful teachers.  Everyone is so passionate about our field.  Not only did I receive a great education, the tuition is very reasonable.  I felt very prepared for my NCE and state test.  Your support will not stop with graduation.  I email Susan with different things from time to time and even though she is very busy she always responds very quickly.  As a new therapist this is important.  You have a large support group already in place by the time that you graduate.

I have only been out of school for 8 short months.  I immediately landed a great job at a high end spa and salon.  I owe that all to Susan and LIMT.  I honestly believe that LIMT being on my resume is the reason I was offered the job.  Being a new therapist I needed that extra push to draw attention to my resume.  I am lucky in the aspect that I went to a great school and now work in a place that I love.  I am lucky enough to work for a massage therapist who is as passionate about our field as Susan.  These are the kind of people that as a new therapist that I am grateful to have as peers.  This helps me grow as a therapist each day.  I have a job that challenges me, allows me to help people, and has already opened many doors for me.  I have been to a local venue to work as the massage therapist before a concert.  I have already met people that I never would have thought possible.  I believe that the possibilities are endless.   

I love my new career and only wish that I had done it years ago.  It is so nice to look forward to going to work each day.  There is no feeling like a client coming out of a session, or calling you a few days later, to tell you how wonderful they feel.  You can make a difference.   I LOVE my new career.  I want to say, "Thank You," to Susan and the staff at LIMT.  A simple thank you doesn't seem enough for all the wisdom and advice that you have all given me. Thanks Again,"

Robert Patten - Lake Charles

"I wanted to be a massage therapist to help people both with their pain and their person as a whole. I also wanted a career that I could pursue before I went on to study Chinese medicine. I found myself asking "Where do I go from here?". I looked on the Natural Healers web-site and to my surprise, there was a TOP ranked massage school in Lake Charles. Top ranked didn't even begin to describe what I found at the Louisiana Institute of Massage Therapy (LIMT).

To my surprise the schools director, Susan G. Salvo, not only wrote the text books for the program, but is a nationally recognized massage expert who's books are used in one third of the massage schools in the country! I was impressed to find someone like her teaching in such a small place as Lake Charles however that was not my only surprise. The program at LIMT is truly TOP NOTCH. Not only was I instructed thoroughly in anatomy and physiology to a surprising level (much of what I learned in this regard is taught in nursing), I was also taught both massage and hydro therapy/spa services; a true surprise because the school, on the surface, is not set up for these techniques.

With regard to my massage training what I really liked about what LIMT has to offer is the fact that we did NOT have just one instructor - we had about seven different instructors who were experts in different areas, giving me knowledge of both technique as well as the perspective of how different massage therapists do the same things. My experience was both complete and beyond satisfactory. And if all of the above is not enough to make YOU consider coming to LIMT consider this: We had four people transfer from another massage school just in the eleven months I was a student there!

To top that off, LIMT has one of the highest pass rates for the NCE exam in the state, just look at the numbers for yourself. Because of my education at LIMT I passed both my NCE exam and my state boards the same month I graduated and was fully licensed the next month! Now I am a working massage therapist and am the only therapist at a local salon in the Lake Charles area; need I say more? Thank you Susan Salvo and the ENTIRE staff of LA Institute for this life you have given to me. At LIMT you WILL learn massage, from the expert herself! Thanks again Susan."
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