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Statement of Institutional Philosophy

The goal of the Institute to provide its students with a comprehensive curriculum designed to blend the following elements:

  • • Develop a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the scientific studies of human anatomy, physiology and pathology and the effects of massage therapy;

  • • Develop the knowledge, confidence, and practical skill necessary to practice massage therapy;

  • • Develop knowledge in theory and practice of different disciplines of massage therapy;

  • • Achieve an understanding of the benefits and limitations of massage therapy and gain the knowledge to assess the clients; referring them to other healthcare providers when appropriate;

  • • Teach business skills necessary to either work as an employee or successfully operate a massage therapy practice;

  • • Foster respect and concern for the client by understanding professional boundaries and ethics; and developing skills in interpersonal communication and draping.

  • • Have students understand and appreciate their own bodies and practice self care, including proper movements during massage for safety and injury prevention;
. . . in order to prepare the student to serve the public with the highest quality healthcare possible.



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